56. Professing and Cheering

56. Professing and Cheering

Manche Leute glauben gar nicht mehr, dass ihre Ansichten der Wahrheit entsprechen. Es ist vielmehr so, dass sie ihre Ideologien “anfeuren”. Dies trifft besonders auf Postmodernismus, New-Ageism, und dergleichen zu. Viele dieser Gruppen behaupten ja sogar explizit, dass es so etwas wie Wahrheit gar nicht gibt, was natürlich widersprüchlich ist.

Yudkowsky beobachtete eine Frau, die auf einer Konferenz ewig lang von der grotesken Schöpfungsgeschichte ihrer Religion erzählte. Doch sie wollte die anderen nicht von ihren Ansichten überzeugen, sie wollte nur ihren Ansichten zujubeln:

It finally occurred to me that this woman wasn’t trying to convince us or even convince herself. Her recitation of the creation story wasn’t about the creation of the world at all. Rather, by launching into a five-minute diatribe about the primordial cow, she was cheering for paganism, like holding up a banner at a football game. A banner saying “GO BLUES” isn’t a statement of fact, or an attempt to persuade; it doesn’t have to be convincing – it’s a cheer.

That strange flaunting pride… it was like she was marching naked in a gay pride parade. (Incidentally, I’d have no objection if she had marched naked in a gay pride parade. Lesbianism is not something that truth can destroy.) It wasn’t just a cheer, like marching, but an outrageous cheer, like marching naked – believing that she couldn’t be arrested or criticized, because she was doing it for her pride parade.

That’s why it mattered to her that what she was saying was beyond ridiculous. If she’d tried to make it sound more plausible, it would have been like putting on clothes.

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