86. Making History Available; 87.Stranger than History

86. Making History Available

Leider gibt es keine Echtzeit-Fernsehfilme über das alte Rom. Wir können uns viel besser an fiktionale Filme erinnern ( Sci-Fi-Bias), als an Bücher über Ereignisse, die tatsächlich geschehen sind. Doch wir sollten. Vielleicht können wir aus den Fehlern vergangener Menschen lernen.

87.Stranger than History

Die Geschichte der Menschheit ist bizarrer als die meisten Sci-Fi-Filme:

Now suppose it were the year 1901, and you had to choose between believing those statements I have just offered, and believing statements like the following:

  • There is an absolute speed limit on how fast two objects can seem to be traveling relative to each other, which is exactly 670616629.2 miles per hour.  If you hop on board a train going almost this fast and fire a gun out the window, the fundamental units of length change around, so it looks to you like the bullet is speeding ahead of you, but other people see something different.  Oh, and time changes around too.
  • In the future, there will be a superconnected global network of billions of adding machines, each one of which has more power than all pre-1901 adding machines put together.  One of the primary uses of this network will be to transport moving pictures of lesbian sex by pretending they are made out of numbers.
  • Your grandchildren will think it is not just foolish, but evil, to say that someone should not be President of the United States because she is black.

Ach ja, und lest unbedingt diese  Geschichte von Yvain

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