97. Applause Lights

97. Applause Lights

Einer meiner Lieblingsposts.

Der Großteil aller politischen Reden, ach, der Großteil aller Wörter, die von Menschen geäußert werden, sind nichts anderes als Applauslichter. Wir sollen dem Sprecher zujubeln und klatschen. Seine Worte enthielten keine neuartigen Ideen, nichts, was wir nicht schon wussten, keinerlei nützliche Informationen. Nein, er gibt uns lediglich kund, was für ein guter Mensch er selber ist, und welche weisen und intelligenten Gedanken er hegt.

I am here to propose to you today that we need to balance the risks and opportunities of advanced Artificial Intelligence.  We should avoid the risks and, insofar as it is possible, realize the opportunities.  We should not needlessly confront entirely unnecessary dangers.  To achieve these goals, we must plan wisely and rationally.  We should not act in fear and panic, or give in to technophobia; but neither should we act in blind enthusiasm.  We should respect the interests of all parties with a stake in the Singularity.  We must try to ensure that the benefits of advanced technologies accrue to as many individuals as possible, rather than being restricted to a few.  We must try to avoid, as much as possible, violent conflicts using these technologies; and we must prevent massive destructive capability from falling into the hands of individuals.  We should think through these issues before, not after, it is too late to do anything about them

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