337. Decoherence as Projection – 341.Decoherence is Simple

337. Decoherence as Projection 

Wieder Dekohärenz.

338. Entangled Photons

Über Quantenverschränkung.

339. Bell’s Theorem: No EPR “Reality”

Über die Bellsche Ungleichung.

340. Spooky Action at a Distance: The No-Communication Theorem

Über das No-Communication Theorem.

341.Decoherence is Simple

Das nächste Zitat fasst meine Ansichten exzellent zusammen:

When I was but a little lad, my father, a Ph.D. physicist, warned me sternly against meddling in the affairs of physicists; he said that it was hopeless to try to comprehend physics without the formal math. Period.  No escape clauses.  But I had read in Feynman’s popular books that if you really understood physics, you ought to be able to explain it to a nonphysicist.  I believed Feynman instead of my father, because Feynman had won the Nobel Prize and my father had not.

It was not until later – when I was reading the Feynman Lectures, in fact – that I realized that my father had given me the simple and honest truth.  No math = no physics.

Der Rest des Post widerlegt nochmals das häufig vorgebrachte “Occam’s Rasiermesser-Argument” gegen die Viele-Welten-Interpretation der Quantenmechanik.



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