Three Worlds Collide

Three Worlds Collide (0/8)    (contains links to all parts)

Set in a world where AI, nanotech and really advanced biotech is somehow impossible, Three Worlds Collide is a pretty cool sci-fi story about the encounter of alien races with differing values. (And I have to say: The story is a really great illustration of Yudkowsky’s metaethics.)

First there are the humans who have roughly the same values as we do (with the small exception of legalizing rape). Then there are the Babyeaters whose highest value is to eat their children who in turn experience great suffering in this process. And lastly, the Supper Happy People who are more technically advanced than the two other races and advocate the elimination of all suffering, even embarrassment and romantic dissatisfaction.

Spoiler alert: I will now talk about the two possible endings, so just read the story for yourself. It’s great and short.

Ok, Yudkowsky endorses the ending in which the humans destroy a star and thereby make it impossible for the Happies to invade human territories. The advantage is that the humans preserve their original values. The disadvantages, well, firstly they let the Babyeaters continue to exist. Secondly, they have to kill 9 billion people. Thirdly, when they will encounter the Happies in the future they are fucked.

The disadvantages seem to outweigh the advantages, so to speak. And to call eliminating all suffering a disadvantage is questionable.






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