NOTE: This site is old. Here the link to the new site (wallowinmaya.com)

Hi there! Here you’ll find posts about, among other themes, evolutionary psychology, cognitive biases and rationality, the intelligence explosion, transhumanism, effective altruism, philosophy in general, psychedelics, self-improvement and self-experimentation.

A wise man once said: “By their role models you shall know them.” Actually, it wasn’t just any wise man, it was me. Below are mine:

Top Four: Eliezer Yudkowsky, Nick Bostrom, Bertrand Russell, Scott Alexander.
The Serious Middle: Carl Shulman, George Orwell, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Robin Hanson, Albert Einstein, Brian Tomasik, Joshua Greene, Steven Pinker.
The Jesters of Existence: Arthur Schopenhauer, Michel Houellebecq, J.D. Salinger, Albert Camus.

Favorite books are similarly informative:

Non-fiction: Superintelligence, The Sequences, The Blank Slate, The Open Society And Its Enemies, The Moral Animal, Why everyone (else) Is A Hypocrite, Global Catastrophic Risks, Moral Tribes, The Righteous Mind, The Robot’s Rebellion, The Selfish Gene, The Autobiography Of Bertrand Russell.

Fiction: Harry Potter And The Methods of Rationality, American Psycho, 1984, Steppenwolf, Catcher in the Rye, Whatever (Extension du domaine de la lutte), Siddhartha, The Stranger, Homo Faber.

Because I’m too lazy to elaborate on myself and my worldview here, I will just refer you to three, somewhat contradictory texts which are my all-time favorites: “Report: It All Some Kind Of Sick Joke” by The Onion, “What I Have Lived For” by Bertrand Russell and “Meditations on Moloch” by Scott Alexander.

Anyway, Russell et al. didn’t know or couldn’t imagine transhumanism and the intelligence explosion through which we may ultimately eradicate all suffering and all the fundamental evils of the human condition. However, it is also quite possible that everything we care about will get destroyed and that the future holds even more suffering than the past. Will we reach heaven or hell? Nobody knows and most people don’t even play the game.

You can reach me at: wallowinmaya|at|gmx|dot|de


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