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Loneliness and Love in a Darwinian World (a rational critique of PUA)

Introduction and disclaimer I’m not quite sure why I have written this. I guess I just wanted to write about my past experiences with loneliness, admittedly to get my story out there but also to evoke some sympathy for a lot of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Happiness (2) [Happiness Sequence, Part 3]

[Previously: Happy by Habit, Thoughts on Happiness (1)] 9. Seeing the positive Stupid and/or irrational people can really annoy me. Someone just has to say that “evolutionary psychology is biologistic” and my day is ruined. The fact is that the irrationality, overconfidence and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Happiness (1) [Happiness Sequence, Part 2]

[Previously: Happy by Habit] This is a collection of thoughts on how to become happier. The first 2 parts are mostly focused on cognitive habits that I’ve found useful. That means I’m not talking about obvious stuff like regular exercise, good … Continue reading

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Nietzsche, Eternal Return and Loving the Multiverse

Many of you will probably think: “Come on, Nietzsche?!” I know, I know. But I have holidays and a pretty smart, rational person recommended Nietzsche to me in order to overcome my existential angst. I won’t bore you with the … Continue reading

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Depression Reveals the Truth: We Live in the Abyss

[Epistemic status: Just poetry, written in a nihilistic mood. Don’t take it so seriously.] When you are in the midst of a deep depression it’s impossible to do anything other than lie in bed and wish to die. Speaking is … Continue reading

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In Praise of Maximizing – With Some Caveats

Most of you are probably familiar with the two contrasting decision making strategies “maximizing” and “satisficing“, but a short recap won’t hurt (you can skip the first two paragraphs if you get bored): Satisficing means selecting the first option that … Continue reading

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The Good Drug Guide and the Holy Grail of Chemical Paradise: MAOIs

[Epistemic status: Mostly wrong and written in a slightly insane tone. You have been warned. What is more: I tried the MAOIs Moclobemide and Selegiline. Moclobemide doesn’t do much of anything and Selegiline only truly shines in combination with Phenylethylamine – … Continue reading

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Pessimistische Psychotherapie I

[Diese Abhandlung ist offensichtlich von weinerlichem existentialistischem Gedankengut inspiriert. Und ich bin natürlich auch nicht der erste, der auf eine fruchtbare Verknüpfung von Existentialismus und Psychotherapie hinweist. Zu einiger Bekanntheit gelang beispielsweise die existentielle Psychotherapie von Irvin Yalom. Allerdings war Yalom noch … Continue reading

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530. Economic Definition of Intelligence? – 532. Mundane Magic

530. Economic Definition of Intelligence? Yudkowsky asks Hanson for an economic definition of intelligence. 531. Intelligence in Economics After I challenged Robin to show how economic concepts can be useful in defining or measuring intelligence, Robin responded by – as … Continue reading

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