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Thoughts on Happiness (2) [Happiness Sequence, Part 3]

[Previously: Happy by Habit, Thoughts on Happiness (1)] 9. Seeing the positive Stupid and/or irrational people can really annoy me. Someone just has to say that “evolutionary psychology is biologistic” and my day is ruined. The fact is that the irrationality, overconfidence and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Happiness (1) [Happiness Sequence, Part 2]

[Previously: Happy by Habit] This is a collection of thoughts on how to become happier. The first 2 parts are mostly focused on cognitive habits that I’ve found useful. That means I’m not talking about obvious stuff like regular exercise, good … Continue reading

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581. BHTV: de Grey and Yudkowsky – 583. Visualizing Eutopia

581. BHTV: de Grey and Yudkowsky Just a Bloggingheads-Interview. 582. For the People Who Are Still Alive Ever since I realized that physics seems to tell us straight out that we live in a Big World, I’ve become much less … Continue reading

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376. Bloggingheads-Interview – 383. Quantum Mechanics and Personal Identity

376. Bloggingheads-Interview Mit John Horgan. 377. Against Devil’s Advocacy Advocatus Diaboli zu spielen ist gefährlich, weil man lernt für jede Position (und sei sie noch so inkohärent) Argumente zu finden, was wiederum dazu führen kann, dass man rationales Argumentieren als … Continue reading

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373. Living in Many Worlds

373. Living in Many Worlds Alles läuft auf Normalität hinaus. Man sollte keine großartigen Entscheidungen aus komplizierten Interpretationen der Quantenphysik ableiten (auch wenn vorherigen Posts eine leicht andere Botschaft hatten). Du solltest Entscheidungen rational treffen, egal ob es nun eine … Continue reading

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