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My general motivation for taking psychedelics – besides having fun – is experiencing novel, unknown states of consciousness and inducing viewshakes. My beliefs don’t fluctuate as much as in my youth when I changed my favorite philosopher as often as other … Continue reading

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Fun Theory: Post 11 – 13

11. Nonperson Predicates There is a subproblem of Friendly AI which is so scary that I usually don’t talk about it… …This is the problem that if you create an AI and tell it to model the world around it, … Continue reading

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Fun Theory: Post 1 – 2

1. Prolegomena to a Theory of Fun Raise the topic of cryonics, uploading, or just medically extended lifespan/healthspan, and some bioconservative neo-Luddite is bound to ask, in portentous tones: “But what will people do all day?” They don’t try to … Continue reading

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AI Foom Debate Conclusion: Post 50 – 52

50. What Core Argument? (Hanson) Hanson asks again for Yudkowsky’s core argument(s) and lists his objections. Firstly, it must be said that most AI-researchers and growth-economists consider Yudkowksy’s Foom-scenario to be very unlikely. Which of course doesn’t mean much if … Continue reading

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Probability estimates: Metaethics

[Epistemic note: This is an old post and probably doesn’t accurately reflect my views anymore. Although it could be possible.] Introduction This post summarizes my metaethical views and my confidence in their correctness. I assign probabilities to every relevant metaethical … Continue reading

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Pluralistic Moral Reductionism

(Commentary to the post “Pluralistic Moral Reductionism”) Introduction There are multiple useful definitions of sound, e.g. ‘acoustic vibrations’ or ‘auditory experiences’. Equally, there can be many useful definitions of moral terms. Enter pluralistic moral reductionism. Some people think that an … Continue reading

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521. Ethical Notes – 522. Which Parts Are “Me”?

521. Ethical Notes Some remarks on the previous posts. 522. Which Parts Are “Me”? Which modules of your brain do you consider important and which do you reject? What does the ‘you’ in the previous sentence even mean? There is … Continue reading

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Meta-ethics: Cornell Realism and short summary.

So, we’re slowly approaching the more sane and interesting parts of Miller’s book “Introduction into contemporary meta-ethics”. The first 7 chapters are largely nonsense. Chapter 8 is about Cornell Realism, a cognitivistic, naturalistic,  non-reductionistic theory of meta-ethics. A short summary … Continue reading

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483. A Prodigy of Refutation; 484. A Sheer Folly of Callow Youth

483. A Prodigy of Refutation In his reckless youth Yudkowsky made the same mistakes as everyone else when thinking about the FAI-problem. So Eliezer1996 is out to build superintelligence, for the good of humanity and all sentient life. At first, … Continue reading

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Metaethics Part 3

3. Emotivism and the Rejection of Non-Naturalism 3.1 Introduction to Ayer’s Emotivism According to Ayer moral judgments are mere expressions of emotions or feelings and don’t beliefs that could be true or false. What does he mean with “belief” or … Continue reading

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